Monday, November 12, 2012

Crawling back into the daylight...

*pops door on storm cellar*
*pokes head out, looks around cautiously*
*scrambles up ladder and out of cellar*
*blinks and tries to shield eyes from the overly-bright sunlight*

I'm back now, and hopefully won't be gone for as long again, if I can help it--the past few months have been interesting, what with finding/starting a new job, looking after my friends during various crises (emotional and otherwise), and trying to keep my own head above water. I'm feeling a bit more chipper lately, though, thanks to a variety of factors, although I'm going to give the most credit to the cute little SAD light I got for less than $40 off, which sits on my desk at work and gets turned on for an hour every morning, and which really does seem to be perking me up lately, placebo effect be damned.

When you find yourself rediscovering reserves of piss and vinegar that you hadn't really unleashed in nearly 20 years, and had damn near forgotten that you ever possessed, to the extent that you (a) defend Scarlett Johansson from what IMNSHO was unfair and inappropriate slut-shaming on CDAN*; (b) deal with an obnoxious individual on a local news site who seems to feel that being wished "Happy Holidays" is an affront to his Christian white male privilege--no, asshole, it just means people are being polite and not automatically assuming anything about anyone's religious beliefs or lack thereof, while still trying to be friendly and wish someone whatever joys of the season they may wish to have; I phrased it far more graciously, but that's the gist of it--and (c) commented on a Joss Whedon Facebook posting by batting my eyelashes and offering to bribe him with mega-amounts of my semi-legendary brownies if he would only make a Hawkeye/Black Widow movie happen--because, damn it, Jeremy and Scarlett deserve their own movies, seeing as they're the only Avengers who don't have their own franchise entries, plus it would fill in a lot of interesting gaps in the characters' backstories when the Avengers sequel comes around in 2015, and make a whole lot of fangirls and boys very, very happy, thereby only increasingly the eventual box office for the above-referenced sequel--well...methinks things may start getting, um...interesting, and hopefully not in that "may you live in interesting times" Chinese curse way.

(I really don't recommend being some degree or another of being seriously depressed for nearly 20 years; it does tend to rather crimp one's style/social life/functioning/life in general. Ah, dysthymia, the chronic fatigue syndrome of mental issues...)

Having blithered all that, I'm definitely going to make more of an effort to post more regularly here, and probably not just about my misspent youth in the alt-music scene, either. Anyway, have to go now, because Jezebel is demanding her late-night snack, and if I don't want my good work pants shredded while I'm still wearing them, I'd best get on out to the kitchen and get her fed...

(Oh, and Joss? I'm totally serious about the brownies; I'll even throw in a batch of chocolate-chip oatmeal cookies to boot...I do have references, after all... ;-)

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