Friday, May 18, 2012

"That hi-pro glow..."

Remember what I said about posting every week?  Um, well...when you get the news that you're being laid off from your job of eight years the day after you post your first real entry, you tend to have other things on your mind besides yammering about your misspent youth, as I'm sure way too many of you understand. 

At any rate, here I am again, but I'm not here to talk about the alt-rock scene...oh, no.  Today's inspiration comes courtesy of my friend C-ko, a compatriot from the old days, who happened to mention in a Live Journal post that her daily tasks take her past a local whole foods chain store, the end result of which is that she's able to regularly purchase what she referred to as "hippie chow."

Oh, dear.

I now have this sudden mental image of a great big bag with the familiar checkerboard pattern and the words "Purina Hippie Chow" emblazoned across the front, complete with a commercial featuring long, frizzy-haired folk in overalls and Indian import embroidered blouses snarfing the snuff out of hand-thrown pottery bowls on the floor.  *cue hysterical laughter* 

So, while I'm being silly, what do you all think should go into Purina Hippie Chow?  Granola, of course, but that's only part of a balanced diet...freeze-dried tofu? broken-up chunks of soy-based veggie burgers? dried fruit and nuts? brown rice and beans for proper protein complimentarity? aggressively-whole-grain bread? (I'm reminded of the Fran Leibowitz quote in Metropolitan Life that bread needing to be sliced with an ax is bread that's too nourishing; God help me, but I actually baked bread like that back in the late '70s and early '80s while still living with my parents, and topped it with soy spread straight out of the original edition of Laurel's Kitchen, the gastrointestinal results of which led to my mother's commenting "Damn, those people must have a four-hole shithouse!"  Um, yeah...what she said.)

Any other ideas for what we ought to put into this? (And yes, anyone wanting to Photoshop a Purina Hippie Chow bag and post the results here is more than welcome...)

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  1. LOL at Fran Lebowitz quote. I live about a mile from a Whole Paycheck--it's actually the most convenient grocery store to my home--which makes our checking account delightfully challenging due to last minute needs for tofu burgers made by Himalayan orphans living in a monastery in Mendocino and 4 ounce bottles of fermented dahlia kombucha. That said, for Hippie Chow, I don't think we should forget the brewer's yeast or the Bragg's apple cider vinegar. THose are important components of any Hippie Chow feast.